T21 Arrow – AS Colour - Carrie - Canvas Tote Bag

T21 Arrow – AS Colour - Carrie - Canvas Tote Bag

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Say goodbye to boring supermarket carry bags!
Personalise your own canvas Carrie bag from AS Colour. Made from 100% cotton canvas this bag features reinforced shoulder straps.
Available in a natural cream colour.
One size. The main body measures 38cm x 40cm

Alexis Schnitger Design meaning behind the artwork:

"An arrow must be pulled back in order to shoot forward.
This is something many of us have felt when hit by
an unexpected diagnosis for our child.
This action is preparing us to shoot forward to an
amazing future with our incredible kids.

The Roman numerals for 21 are included to represent
the 21st chromosome and the dots at either end
represent trisomy.

The rings in the centre represent the connections made
between families in our community, while the overlapping
triangles represent strength and resilience."