NSW  Abigail Maria Tsz Yeuk Lee

NSW Abigail Maria Tsz Yeuk Lee

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Every single one of our book participants have been allocated their own personal fundraising donation button on our website for family, friends and more to make donations in their name.

You're donating to help Abigail Maria Tsz Yeuk Lee fundraise for Celebrate T21. The donation period for this fundraiser will run from the 21st of July 2020 to the 21st of September 2020.

The top book applicant fundraiser will be given pride of place on the very first page of our 2021 book!

A place of honour on the back of our 2021 book awaits for the following top 21 Fundraisers!


These donations will not only count towards the participants fundraising competition tally BUT once the funds reach the $600 mark they will be rewarded with an enlarged framed print of their page in our book AND a framed Art Gallery print to participate in our Art Gallery as it tours the country raising awareness for Down Syndrome and Celebrate T21

As the donations trickle in we will be keeping record and updating a weekly tally on private website specifically for families in our book.


Thank you for your donation!