Applicant Contribution Fee for New Book

Applicant Contribution Fee for New Book

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Does being an applicant mean that I have a guaranteed place in the book?

Yes and No - Huh? Here is the reason for our answer...

There will be an online version of the Celebrate T21 book made available for public viewing with ALL applicants.

The physical copy of our book that goes into our Gift Packs and is essentially GIFTED to other organisations both medical and educational (but not limited to) will cost in excess of $17 000. Therefore, we have had to limit the amount of families to 155 to print and distribute FREE copies of the book.

This number is actually much larger than our previous books. It also does NOT include the cost to produce the book nor engage with designers, editors and admin staff that work on the book behind the scene.

We are making a page for everyone who applies, so if we get excess funding and are able to increase the number of pages in the book, we will do just that!

There is an incentive for families to fundraise for us with the TOP 21 fundraisers being featured on the back cover of the book!

Will I get a copy of the book?

Yes, in fact your Applicant Contribution Fee will actually get you TWO! One for you to keep and one to pass on to your Doctor, Pediatrician or Obstetrician! (If you'd like to order extra for families members, you can do that through our website).

We want families who receive a diagnosis to be able to view our book at point of diagnosis, the Doctor's surgery can then contact us for a Celebrate T21 Gift Pack for the family. We believe this is extremely important and want to be able to spread our book and packs as far as possible.

What better way to do that, than to have you pass it on for us and advocate together!