Celebrate T21 Books

Celebrate T21 started with the dream of creating a beautiful photo book which celebrated the lives and experiences of families who have a member with Down syndrome through wonderful photos and heartfelt stories that would then be gifted to newly diagnosed families.

An Australian version of the book was published in 2018, and we published a UK version for British charity Wouldn’t Change a Thing in 2019.


These beautiful books are now gifted to new T21 families as part of a gorgeous gift pack (in Australia) and is a key part of the comfort we provide to families, as we welcome them into our positive and supportive community.

2020 will showcase the third in our series of photo books. We rely on volunteer contributions from photographers around the country to make these books possible. Please contact us via email or our Facebook page if you're a professional photographer and would like to donate your time and talents to this amazing project. 

If you're a family who would like to be featured in our new book, please follow our Facebook page to be notified of the call-out. (End May-Early June 2020)

Celebrate T21 books are also making their way into various organisations - such as medical centres, doctors’ surgeries, preschools and schools, and we are always looking at ways to expand our reach.

If you're an organisation we would love to hear from you to produce a photo book for the T21 community in your country - just as we did with Wouldn’t Change a Thing in the UK.