2020 Ambassadors

About Celebrate T21 - for ambassadors:

Our Celebrate T21 Ambassadors are a prestigious group of diverse children and adults with Down syndrome - they help us spread the word about our work, raise the profile of our cause, and get actively involved in our photo and video campaigns. We also rely on our wonderful Ambassadors to help with our fundraising efforts, and to connect with their own networks on our behalf.

Sound like something you or your family would like to be involved in?


At Celebrate T21 we dream of a world where no family should feel isolated, unsupported or pressured to terminate based on a Down syndrome diagnosis.


If you’d like to be one of our Ambassadors in 2021, please get in touch. We’ll need you to agree to help with our fundraising and campaigns, and in return, we’ll showcase the story of you and your family to our supportive network - together we can all help in breaking down negative Down syndrome stigmas, and celebrating the amazing T21 families within our community.


Our Ambassador for 2020 have already been selected and we are no longer taking applications. Our Ambassador selections take place at the beginning of the year during February and we advertise for applications via our Facebook page. We look forward to new opportunities for you to join our amazing team in February 2021.